Online Kindergarten Resource Kit

Why Teach Humane Education in the Classroom?

Humane Education delves into something that kids love – animals! The OHS Humane Education program:

  • Promotes and encourages character development by fostering respect and empathy toward people, animals and the environment
  • Assists children in developing compassion, a sense of justice, and respect for the value of all living beings
  • Provides the knowledge and understanding necessary for children to resolve conflict situations and make responsible choices
  • Fosters a sense of responsibility in each child to make choices and act on their own behalf

Our Free Online Teacher Resource Kit for Kindergarten classrooms is designed to provide teachers with multiple humane education learning tools that will help students learn in fun, interactive ways.

The Online Kindergarten Resource Kit includes:

  • Kindergarten Resource Kit Learning Plan
  • Kindergarten Resource Kit Rubric
  • The “Let’s Learn About Cats and Dogs” Lesson Script and accompanying pictures
  • Colouring Sheets
  • “Teach My Person How to Love Me” Audio File – Created by the Lakes Animal Friendship Society
  • “Make a Puppy Face” Craft Activity – Created by the International Fund for Animal Welfare
  • “Circle of Caring” Activity – Created by HEART

Download the Resource Kit

We hope you and your students enjoy the lesson and activities included.  For an even more interactive and extensive learning experience for your students, please consider requesting our JK/SK Teacher Resource Kit. This kit includes the above resources, plus two educational story books, OHS give-away items for students, and interactive and tactile props to accompany the lessons.

Thank you for creating a better future for animals and people in our community!

If you have any questions about this lesson plan or to request the JK/SK Teacher Resource Kit, please contact the supervisor: programs at 613-725-3166 ext. 298 or at

To access the complete learning guide from HEART containing the “Make a Puppy Face” craft activity, and “Circle of Caring” activity, go to