OHS Partner Support Program

So much more can be done for the animals when we work together

Our community came together to ensure that all animals were cared for, despite major fundraising events being cancelled and numerous operational challenges.

The OHS Partner Support Program was launched in response to the public health crisis, providing emergency funding and support to our community partners. It helped care for more than 2,800 animals by the end of 2020 and more than 7,200 animals to date. These animals include not only cats and dogs, but wildlife, birds and farm animals.

With its success and tremendous need, the program has been extended and will continue beyond providing emergency support through the public health crisis. Working together, we can build a more humane and compassionate community for all animals.

Local animal rescue organizations that meet OHS partner requirements can apply for the program. To learn more about how your organization can get involved in this program, email heatherh@ottawahumane.ca.