Dog-Friendly Business Program


The Ottawa Humane Society’s Dog-Friendly Business Program is designed to increase pet-friendly attitudes in the community, by supporting dog-friendly local businesses. The OHS believes that both pet owners and non-pet owners should view pets as a positive and healthy part of the Ottawa community.


Official Dog-Friendly Business List

Stores: Cafes/Breweries:
•   Green Wall Vintage •   Moulin in the Park
•   Maker House Company •   Stray Dog Brewing
•   Ren’s Pets (all Ottawa locations)
•   Top of the World Skateshop Services:
•   Wild Birds Unlimited •   Frontline Credit Union
•   iXceed Packaging Solutions
Auto Shops: •   Koza IT Services
•   Stagra Automotive •   Tungsten Collaborative
Open Office Spaces: Hair Salons/Barbershops:
•   Head Office Ottawa •   Mint Hair Studio
•   The Brooke Barbershop
•   The Metcalfe Hotel Personal Training/Fitness
•   A Foot Above Fitness

Looking to Join this Program?


Suitable members for this program are local stores, hotels and other organizations, who allow dogs on their premises. Businesses who officially join the program are added to the official OHS Dog-Friendly Business List which is shared with supporters and the community through the OHS website, blog, newsletters and social media channels. Benefits of joining this program include:

  • Reaching new clientele
  • Receiving exclusive marketing and promotion
  • Receiving special features on OHS social media
  • Increasing pet-friendly attitudes in the community
  • Providing more flexibility for pet owners (e.g. reducing the likelihood of leaving dogs in hot cars)

Businesses who join the program pay a yearly membership fee of $25. Businesses that are part of a larger organization are required to pay $25 per location in Ottawa. Once on-boarded to the program, members will receive regular emails from the OHS with the inside scoop about upcoming events, news and activities, as well as a complimentary membership package, which includes:

  • A dog water dish
  • A dog leash
  • A dog treat jar, filled with treats
  • A $20 coupon for Ren’s Pets Depot (for more treats!)
  • In-store signage and promotional materials
  • A recognizable Dog-Friendly Business window decal for storefront
  • Best Practices Guide for becoming a dog-friendly business

As always, pet owners must ensure that dogs are calm, behaviourally-suited and on a non-retractable leash prior to entering any business establishment. Pet owners are responsible for any accidents and/or damage that might occur during or after a visit.

For more information about the program or to become a local member please email or call 613-725-3166 ext. 267.