Legacy Giving

A Legacy for the Animals

Leave a lasting gift for the future of Ottawa’s animals and the future of our community.


Throughout its history, the Ottawa Humane Society has been the recipient of many bequests from generous donors. Bequests have been instrumental in building the new shelter and purchasing life-saving medical equipment. These gifts help the OHS ensure a safe future for all the animals in our community.

When our supporters talk to us about leaving bequests to the OHS, they are often concerned about the uncertainty surrounding the size of their estates when they pass on. No one knows exactly when they’ll pass on, let alone what the value of their estate will be when the time comes.

Here are three ways to make a bequest that ease the worry around estate size and gift amount.

Residual Gifts:

  • Many people choose to make what are known as residual gifts. This type of donation is the leftovers after all of a person’s fixed obligations are met. For example, someone could leave a certain amount of money to each child and grandchild – and then leave the remainder to the Ottawa Humane Society.

Percentage-Based Bequests:

  • Others prefer to leave a percentage of their estate to the OHS. For example, someone with children and grandchildren might divide their estate into equal portions. Each child and grandchild will receive an equal portion can be allocated to OHS.

Life Insurance:

  • Another impactful way to support the Ottawa Humane Society is by considering life insurance bequests. By designating the OHS as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy, you can create a substantial legacy without affecting the assets distributed through other bequest methods.

Planning for the future doesn’t need to deprive your loved ones in order to fit in your beloved charities, nor does it need to put a strain on you as you work to put your affairs in order.

Below you will find links to our many resources to help you find the best fit for leaving a lasting legacy for the future of Ottawa’s animals.

Caring for Your Pets with Pet Stewardship

Most of us assume that we will outlive our pets. But what if you are the one who becomes ill or incapacitated or who dies first? Do you have a plan that will ensure that your surviving companion animals receive the care, attention and accommodations they deserve?

The Ottawa Humane Society Pet Stewardship Program ensures that upon your death, your companion animals are placed into the loving home of an OHS Steward that is best suited to the animal’s needs.

Pet Stewardship FAQs