Buddy & Belle Medical Emergencies

Flower the Kitten with an injured leg

Flower the Kitten

The streets are no place for a cat and are even more treacherous for a tiny kitten. Just ask Flower. When her rescuer found her, this eight-week-old kitten was dangling from a deck, her paw trapped between the slats. It’s difficult to imagine the pain and terror she must have experienced, being so alone and helpless. Read Flower’s story

Injured white and orange cat laying down.

Alex the Cat

While roaming outside, Alexa poor eight-month-old kitten, suffered from an accident that left him limping badly on his hind legs.

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Orange cat with tail amputation.

Max the Cat

Ten in cat years is about 65 in human years. It’s no surprise that Max felt a little bewildered when he arrived at the OHS: at his age, this long-haired orange tabby should have been enjoying an early retirement in a comfy home, with lots of treats and lap cuddles. Instead, he found himself at the OHS with nowhere else to go.

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Injured cat wrapped in towels


Can you imagine being lost, alone and fending for yourself with no one to care for you? Now picture having three precious kittens to look after and having a broken leg. It may be hard to imagine surviving that way… but that’s what this two-year-old cat went through before being found.

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A large sick dog laying on the floor


Jake was found wandering the rural roads of Dunrobin, dragging a chain attached to a collar embedded in his neck. He was rushed to the OHS in need of emergency surgery.

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An injured orange cat wrapped in a towel being held


Suffering from horrendous wounds to his jaw, Gulliver was found lost, alone and in need of critical care.

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