Giving Up Your Pet

Giving Up Your Pet

The decision to give up a companion animal is a difficult one. At the Ottawa Humane Society, we are here to help you explore all possible options so that you can keep your animal, but we recognize that sometimes, giving up your companion is the best option — for you and for your pet.

Before you decide to give up an animal, ask yourself:


If the challenge you are experiencing is related to your pet’s behaviour, is it something that possibly could be corrected with training or by speaking with a trainer? 

Medical care?

If the problem is health-related, is it something that your veterinarian may be able to help you with?


If you are suffering from animal allergies, are there steps that you can take to help control your allergies?

No time?

If you are concerned that you simply don’t have enough time to spend with your companion animal, could you hire a pet sitter (or dog walker if it’s a dog) to help out?

Be honest…

If your pet has a chronic health problem or one or more serious behaviour issues, is it realistic to expect that another person will be more willing or able to deal with these problems?

If you have a challenge with your companion animal that you want help with, please contact us. Our staff can guide you through the resources that are available to help you keep your pet.