Pet Insurance

20150302_093336 (2)When it comes to our pets, we picture them living long healthy lives. Rarely do we think about one of our pets getting sick or injured, but we should. What would happen if you were suddenly faced with a large vet bill? Would you be prepared? This is where pet insurance plays an important role in responsible pet ownership. With pet insurance you know that these things are taken care of. With pet insurance you can choose the best vet care needed for your pet without having to worry about the cost. We have our homes and cars insured and having our pets covered is just as important.


When my Alaskan Malamute, Elvis, started to get nose bleeds my vet was concerned it may be a sign of something more serious. She prescribed him some medication and suggested we make an appointment to have a CT scan and to see a specialist. Though the quote for all this was high, I did not have to hesitate because his insurance would cover 80 per cent of the cost. While waiting for his appointment my sweet Elvis swallowed a spoon. Another large bill followed for the foreign body surgery and once again my insurance covered 80 per cent of the bill. Had it not been for insurance I am not sure how I would have covered even one of those bills let alone both in a three-month period. — Lindsey