The Microchip

Microchips provide a permanent, non-removable means of pet identification that will not fade or be lost over time, as can occur with tattoos or tags. Owner information can be accessed immediately, ensuring the rapid return of the lost pet, avoiding delays, which can occur with other methods of pet identification.

The microchip is implanted with a specially designed, pre-sterilized needle, causing no more discomfort than a routine injection. The microchip is completely safe. All implants are performed under the skin, which assures virtually no pain to the animal. The procedure is fast, easy and does not impede the physical ability or performance of the animal; there is no scarring or disfigurement. Most animals are unaware that they have received an injection! Each microchip has a unique I.D. number to identify your pet for life. The microchip can be implanted by a veterinarian.

Important information about you and your pet is then entered into a national database. If your pet is lost, scanners at shelters and vet clinics can read the microchip I.D. number. These shelters scan all pets arriving to their shelter for a microchip. If a chip is detected, a call will identify you as the rightful owner and you will be contacted immediately.

Good reasons to have your pet identified with a microchip:

  • Collars and tags are still important means of identification, but they can be removed or fall off.
  • Tattoos are often difficult to read and harder to trace.

The microchip service operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in both official languages.

Extras you get with microchipping:

  • No renewal fees
  • Lifetime registration on the database
  • 24-hour worldwide recovery service
  • Hassle-free peace of mind that your companion animal is safe

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