Keep Your Cat Safe: Indoor Cats

Keep Kitty Indoors

What may be desired is not necessarily the safest…

Even though cats may love to have the freedom of running around outside, so too would dogs whose freedom we strictly control. In fact, small children would relish the opportunity to roam freely all day, with little or no regard for their safety. In today’s world this freedom is just not possible.

There are countless rules for our protection…

Society has established many rules for our protection. We wouldn’t think of allowing our small children to go outside alone where they are exposed to many dangers. Yet we readily open the door for our feline friends to go out unsupervised never knowing if they will return the same day or the next day or ever…

Are you a good neighbour?

Another factor to consider, besides your cat’s safety, is its effect on the environment and the nuisance it unwittingly creates for your neighbours. Cat fights are noisy and offensive; unneutered cats breed indiscriminately; their spraying and feces are pollutants; they get into garbage; ruin gardens cause car accidents, spread diseases, kill wildlife; and in some cases, inflict wounds on people and other animals.

Is this freedom?

Outdoor cats are not free. They fight a daily battle for survival against exposure to the elements, accidents, disease, poison, abuse and fights with other animals, theft or loss. On average an outdoor cat lives approximately three years while the lifespan of a cat that has been kept indoors (and supervised while outdoors) is approximately 15 years.

OHS recommendations

The OHS recommends that you keep your feline companion on a harness or under supervision when let outside. Microchip your animal as a precaution against loss. A microchip implant will supply your pet with identification that lasts a lifetime. Harness training is a safe way to allow your cat to experience the pleasures of the great outdoors.

Ensure your cat’s safety. Your feline companion and your neighbours will thank you for your effort!

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