Declawing Your Cat 

Declawing Your Cat

Your cat’s claws are an integral part of her life. Although scratching is as normal and natural as eating and breathing for your cat, it can become a problem when the object being scratched is an item of value to you.

It is almost impossible for owners to prevent their cats from scratching, and as a result, some owners might surrender their cat to an animal shelter or have her declawed.

Declawing is an elective procedure that can be performed on cats involving the removal of the claw and at least a portion of the third digit from which the claw grows. This procedure can be associated with post-operative discomfort and complications on occasion.

The OHS recommends that cat owners explore various options in eliminating destructive scratching behaviour, including routine nail trimming, the strategic placement of a properly designed and constructed scratching post, covering inappropriate objects with something that does not appeal to the cat (ie. double sided sticky tape, aluminum foil, plastic carpet runner with the pointed side up).

The Ottawa Humane Society is opposed to the declawing of cats.

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