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coyote walking on sidewalk beside field
July 29, 2021 The recent reports of deceased cats were certainly unsettling to me and everyone here at the OHS. There are... Read More
Sad dog looking out of a rainy window
July 22, 2021 I’m looking forward to a summer where many of us can safely return to our workplaces and reconnect with... Read More
OHS logo on the front of the building
July 15, 2021 I have always believed that organizations, especially not-for-profits and charities, need to stand for... Read More
Chuck horse racing
July 9, 2021 In 2020, the Calgary Stampede was cancelled because of the pandemic. In 2021, the Calgary Stampede is set to... Read More
Black cat looking into darkness
July 2, 2021 On a Sunday in mid-June, I received a call at home from OHS staff. The question: Would we pay to necropsy the... Read More
Two deer is a forest
June 24, 2021 I am an avid fan of CBC Radio. I often joke that I wouldn’t know much of anything without the CBC. A few... Read More
Cat on carpet looking up
June 17, 2021 On Tuesday, we learned through the media that Ottawa Police Service was opening an investigation of the death... Read More
Scared puppy hiding behind a chair
June 10, 2021 When I started working for the Ottawa Humane Society 21 years ago, I was shocked to learn that the cost of... Read More
Cat and dog laying on the floor with their heads rested against each other
June 3, 2021 Many years ago, when I was a schoolboy, I was taught that there were two fundamental differences between... Read More
Silhouette of a dog with a large question mark overlayed
May 27, 2021 I often am asked why there are so few dogs available for adoption on our website. There are a few reasons.... Read More