Dog Owner’s Responsibilities  

Dog Owner’s Responsibilities  

Get ready for a lifetime of companionship, long walks and occasional dog treats! A dog can be a great addition to your home and family. Follow these pointers and you and your pet will enjoy a lifetime of love and companionship together:

Spay or neuter

Sterilization prevents unwanted litters and reduces the risk of reproductive cancer, false pregnancies and roaming.

License and microchip

An identification tag should be worn at all times.

Have a veterinarian examine your dog annually

Keep your dog’s vaccinations up to date. Proper veterinary care will help ensure a longer and healthier life for your dog.

Provide adequate exercise

Dogs that don’t get enough exercise tend to be overweight, bored and at greater risk of experiencing health problems. They can also develop behavioural problems. Dogs should be exercised a minimum of twice daily.

Supply quality food, water and shelter

Neglect in these areas makes for an unhealthy, unhappy dog and ultimately, a shortened lifespan.

Provide basic training and keep your dog under control at all times

A well-trained dog will not be a nuisance to you, your family, or your community.

Clean up after your dog

Excrement left in parks or on sidewalks is not only unsightly, but can transmit disease and parasites.

Provide proper grooming

Grooming allows the skin to breathe and is an important health factor. It also provides an opportunity to detect fleas and other problems that might otherwise go unnoticed.

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