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How You Saved a Senior Dog

Your PAW donation makes second chances possible for animals like Dew Drop.

You save hundreds of animals from enduring a life as a stray, lost and alone. At 10 years old, Dew Drop should have been resting and relaxing in the comfort of a forever home, curled up in a dog bed and with a doting family to take care of her every need. But she wasn’t so lucky.

She was fighting for survival on the streets. There was no one to give her a proper meal or to take care of her lovely fur. When she arrived at the OHS, she was thin and her coat was covered in awful mats. We shaved away the worst mats to provide her some relief, but we made a terrible discovery.

One of Dew Drop’s legs was badly injured and horribly infected. She couldn’t put any weight on the leg and it was clear she needed help and fast. Our veterinarians quickly provided her pain medication and antibiotics. Examining her leg revealed that the injuries were too severe and we needed to remove her leg to ensure she could live her best life.

Thanks to your incredible support, Dew Drop had somewhere to go to receive shelter, life-saving care and love in her hour of need. After her surgery, she rested and recovered in the comfort of a foster home and we closely monitored her progress every step of the way.

Now, because of you, Dew Drop has a bright future and will receive all the love and attention that a sweet, senior pet so desperately deserves.

You’re There for Our Community’s Most Vulnerable Animals

It’s hard to imagine something more distressing than seeing a momma cat and her kittens lost and alone with no one to look after them. Momma is of course the best caretaker for her newborn kittens, but the dangers she and her little family face in the outdoors are immense.

Thanks to you, there is a safe place for these families and momma cats who are about to give birth. Ivy was one of those cats. She arrived at the OHS, heavily pregnant and ready to bring new kittens into the world. But her kittens weren’t born as smoothly as planned.

They were tangled in their umbilical cords and needed the gentle and caring hands of OHS veterinarians to free them and return them safely to momma. If she had still been lost outdoors, the fate of Ivy and her family may have been very different. But caring people like you make sure that these little families and other homeless animals in need have somewhere safe to go and receive the life-saving care they so desperately deserve.

You're Building New Pathways for Animals Like Angel

If you’ve ever broken a bone, we don’t need to tell you how awful it is. Even worse is breaking a big bone like your femur. And somehow even worse than that is being injured and not knowing who will take care of you, how you will ever heal, and when or if you can expect life to return to normal.

Angel, a sweet five-month-old dog, went through all of that. She may not have known it, but she had an incredible friend to the animals — you — at her side the entire time. She was limping on her hind leg when she arrived at the OHS. Our veterinary team examined her and discovered that her femur was
broken. Casting her leg was not an option, but thanks to you, there was another pathway for Angel.

Angel received orthopedic surgery from the skilled hands of an OHS veterinarian. Dr. Mary Thompson stabilized Angel’s leg with metal plates and a pin. Cautious at first, our team walked Angel with a sling to ensure she had enough time to heal and that she wasn’t pushing herself too far. In
a matter of days, it became clear that she was recovering extremely well and could walk on her own.

Angel finished her recovery in the loving care of a foster home and she was soon ready to start the search for her forever home. Thanks to you, Angel quickly found a new, loving family and is living her happily ever after.

Thank you for making second chances possible for animals who desperately need you.

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Mend broken bodies and heart by giving sick, abused, and abandoned animals a second chance. Together, we will continue our promise to save them, heal them, and protect them.

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