August 19, 2022

Will You be an Animal Advocate?

Many people have asked me over the years, “What is the difference between a humane society and an SPCA?” The answer is, today, functionally there is no difference. Most humane societies and SPCAs do similar work and have similar missions and mandates. Best I can tell, the names are different for historical reasons; SPCAs were founded solely to protect animals, while humane societies were founded with a broader mandate of protecting animals and children. This is the case for the Ottawa Humane Society who worked for the welfare of children as well, until the Children’s Aid Society was founded 12 years after the OHS came into being. 

I like to remind people, we aren’t the dog and cat society, we’re the humane society. Though today, the day-to-day focus of the OHS is pets: dogs, cats and the little ones and their welfare issues, we remain concerned about all animals: livestock, wildlife, and animals in captivity as well as domestic pets. While we aren’t generally out in the field, building awareness and leading change for the welfare of all animals is a part of our mandate. The primary way we bring attention to these issues is through our monthly e-bulletin, the Animal Advocate.

The Animal Advocate shines a light on such issues as conditions in zoos and circuses, the welfare of livestock, and diminishing wildlife habitats and what you can do to help. If these are issues you’re concerned about, you can scroll down a bit on our website and sign up to receive the Animal Advocate. If you’re not sure, you can check out back issues.

You too can be an advocate for the animals — all animals.

Bruce Roney

President & CEO