August 31, 2017

How to Help the Animals Impacted by Hurricane Harvey

Photo courtesy of the U.S. Army National Guard

There are many kind and compassionate people who are seeking ways to make a difference to the animals impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Emergency teams from animal welfare agencies specializing in disaster assistance have been deployed to the area. They are being directed by local officials who know best how to help the animals in their communities.

The Ottawa Humane Society is offering its assistance by giving people interested in helping the animals a way to do so. In this immediate crisis, the best way to help is by donating money to one of the following groups presently working to save animal lives in Texas:

If you want to send supplies, be sure to check with these organizations to make sure what you want to send is actually needed. Some have created lists on Amazon or wish lists on their websites.

The area ravaged by Harvey is a very dangerous one. Only trained first responders who have received official orders to deploy to the affected areas should be there. Those not trained and not officially called to duty can distract first responders from their work and may even get themselves hurt.

For updates on animals rescued in Texas, please visit the Houston SPCA’s Facebook page.

Bruce Roney, the OHS’s executive director, wrote a blog about natural disasters the desire to help around the time of this spring’s floods in Ottawa. You can read his blog here.