December 3, 2015

Faith, Hope and Charity

An OHS supporter asked me recently if I was worried about the Syrian refugee crisis. I was puzzled for a moment, before I realized that she was talking about fundraising. She wanted to know if I was worried that the attention on the desperate plight of the thousands fleeing the terror in their homeland might negatively affect our efforts to raise funds to care for the animals at this all-important time of the year. As you probably know, like retailers, if charities don’t raise money at Christmas they are in big trouble. 

I thought for a moment, and responded that I was not, “I have faith in our community and in you.”
Afterward, in a sleepless moment, I wondered if I was too quick to respond. Should I be concerned?

After all, it’s my job to be concerned about things that may threaten the rescue and care of animals and their future. If I’m not concerned, am I right not to be? Did I really mean what I said?

As I pondered, I realized that I really did mean it. I meant it because I truly believe that love, generosity, and hope are not finite, they are limitless. Caring deeply about one plight does not diminish our feelings for another, in fact, often the exact opposite is true. Caring is addictive. And when you open your heart, you never know just who or what will get in. 

So, I’m not worried. I have faith in our community and in you. 

Bruce Roney
Executive Director