May 2, 2019

Devastation and Community

Watching our friends and neighbours struggle to save their homes from flooding has been heartbreaking. This is especially so because many of the same people were flooded just two years ago, and some of those in West Carleton were devastated by last fall’s tornado as well.

Being a part of the City of Ottawa Emergency Plan has given us an interesting view, as we often get a heads up as to events as they unfold, in order to be ready to care for the animal victims of disasters. We not only see the struggle and the heartbreak of the victims, but also the toll it takes on the city’s emergency personnel. Two of our main contacts at the city are staffing its emergency centre for rotating 12 hour shifts and so they are very tired. We are sympathetic.

To date, this year’s flooding has been easy on the OHS. The floodwaters are distant from us and so far, only nine animals have needed our care. We are relieved.

And like you, we see communities coming together. We see emergency services working with determination and diligence. We see neighbours helping neighbours, strangers helping strangers, and businesses offering relief to the victims.

We are proud to live in Ottawa.

Bruce Roney, President and CEO