July 5, 2018

Bridging the gap through fostering

Each year the Ottawa Humane Society welcomes thousands of animals in need. Many of them arrive in poor condition because they are either sick or injured, and sometimes abandoned. Most, if not all, require immediate medical attention and/or behavioural support in order to be ready for their adoption.

One fundamental component to giving these animals a second chance is through fostering. Thankfully, we have many people who open their homes and hearts to voluntarily foster an animal in need. Perhaps you are one of those people?

Fostering is an immensely rewarding experience. To be the person who helps nurse an animal back to health, teach a puppy or kitten the fundamentals of socialization, or encourage a neglected animal to trust and love people again… well the feeling is indescribable. While fostering can provide many emotional rewards for the volunteer, the animal reaps the benefits of a loving, positive and meaningful experience.

I am able to share this beautiful truth with you because I have fostered a few animals over the past 10 years. Yes it can be tough to say goodbye once they are ready for adoption, but rest assured, you will also experience pure joy knowing you helped save their life. So much so, that you will proudly return to the shelter with hand on heart, ready and willing to foster another animal in need.

If you wonder whether or not you should foster an animal, the answer is yes. You will take part in saving precious lives. The happiness, laughter and wonderful memories that fostering an animal will bring to your life is immeasurable. Simply put, fostering is the bridge between the homeless and the home. Take it from me, it feels amazing to be that bridge.

The OHS is always in need of caring and dedicated volunteers who want to help us save animal lives. Connect with us today and be the bridge for an animal in need.

Ashley Britton
Manager: Volunteers