December 17, 2020

A Very Grateful Christmas.

I have seen posts on social media proposing we look at Christmas differently this year. The suggestion is that this is the year, rather than to ask for what we want, we be grateful for what we have.

The sentiment seems appropriate for Christmas in 2020.

Even in this very difficult year, there are many things to be grateful for. We can be grateful for having friends and family to celebrate with, even if it has to be on Zoom. We can be grateful for everyone who is working to care for the sick people and animals, and will be — even on Christmas.

We can all be grateful to live in Canada. Remember, if you have a secure roof over your head you have more than 1.9 billion who live in inadequate housing. If you have food on the table, you have more than one in nine on the planet who don’t.

I am grateful for having a job that not only allows me to help make my little slice of the planet a better place, but is actually my literal job. Moreover, I am grateful to everyone — the staff, the volunteers, the donors — all the loving people that make it possible.

We can all be grateful for the little things. Magic happens in small moments. What we remember with the greatest fondness is often fleeting: a loving smile, a small kindness when we needed it most, a spontaneous laugh, a remembered story that connects us.

You can’t buy these. But we all keep them close to our heart; and we can be grateful for them.

Bruce Roney
President and CEO