April 27, 2023

Will You Be There for the Animals?

In all the years I’ve worked for the Ottawa Humane Society, I haven’t seen an end to the different ways an animal might need our help.

A cat with a gunshot wound in his leg. A dog who had crawled into a car engine to escape the cold. A Guinea pig with ovarian cysts. Floods of homeless bunnies needing shelter, care and love. A momma cat who needed a C-section to save her life and the lives of her kittens.

Daisy, a sweet dog who came to the OHS with terrible wounds on her neck, is one of the many animals who got a second chance thanks to a community that cares.

Those are just a handful of the stories that happened in the past few months, and they only scratch the surface of all the ways animals need help. On top of these dramatic tales, there are also many animals who simply need the OHS for shelter and day-to-day care — some waiting for months or even a year to find their new home.   

No matter how big or small, every animal who comes to the OHS has a story. It’s a story about where they came from and who loved them, the challenges they faced, their journey to overcome a serious medical problem, behaviour issue, or just to feel comfortable and happy, and finally, their storybook ending in the arms of their forever family.

Each animal who comes to the OHS is unique. But there’s a common thread that binds them together. The animals rely on the love and generosity of caring people to get the life-saving care they desperately need.

Today is the Day of Giving. When you make a gift to the animals before midnight tonight, your gift will be triple matched. You will complete not just one, but three stories of love and hope for Ottawa’s homeless animals. 

From the animals with big, heartbreaking stories, to the smaller ones who just need a second chance, will you help write the next chapter of their story?

Lori Marcantonio

Director: Development