November 12, 2015

What We Do For Kids

International Humane Education icon Zoe Weil bases much of her efforts on her belief that “the world becomes what we teach,” and we agree. The OHS is committed to helping animals today, but we know that, to create real change for animals in our community, we can’t stop there. We need to work now to help the animals of tomorrow, too. But how?

A key component in achieving long-term change in animal welfare is one which is key in achieving change in virtually any issue: we have to reach, inspire, and empower…children. Children are the next generation – of politicians, of parents, and of pet owners. They will base their decisions and their actions on the knowledge and experiences they acquire throughout their lives. So we are working hard today to ensure we have a positive impact on the lives and futures of both kids and animals in Ottawa. Here’s how:

  • Our Humane Education School Program visits classrooms Grades 1-12 across our city to provide lessons on animal safety, care, and welfare. We work with students and teachers to support class and group projects advocating for animals through creative, student-initiated activities and campaigns.
  • Our on-site Field Trip Program invites Grade 2 classes to visit our shelter to enjoy hands-on learning experiences with animals through curriculum-based lessons and activities.
  • Our popular Camp programs provide active learning for children during PD days, March Break, and through the summer months, allowing children to gain in-depth understandings of many different animal topics including safety, humane handling, and animal needs through fun hands-on activities.
  • Our youth Animal Advocate Program is a go-to event for young animal lovers who are interested in learning more about animal welfare topics and careers through direct contact with animals and knowledgeable staff at our shelter.
  • Our OHS Birthday Parties combine fun and celebration with animals and humane education for kids. While celebrating with friends, children learn about our shelter and visit with many of our adoptable animals.
  • Our seasonal Family Events invite kids and their parents to visit the OHS and partake in a variety of fun activities while meeting animals and visiting with our shelter staff and volunteers.
  • Our website provides fun learning opportunities for kids at home or in school through our informative pages on animal care, our activity pages, and our “Ask Buddy & Belle” link for kids to have their animal-related questions answered.

Combined, our efforts are reaching tens of thousands of children in Ottawa each year. Our goals are to create positive, meaningful experiences that impart knowledge, empathy, and essential character development onto every child we meet and teach. In the next generation, we are creating the future voice for animals. We are shaping what our world – their world – will become. 

Andrea Tatarski
Coordinator: Humane Education