March 15, 2018

Tucker is Recovering but Still Needs Your Help

We first introduced you to Tucker in February, when the four-month-old Shepherd-mix, arrived at the Ottawa Humane Society in excruciating pain after having been hit by a car; an accident that broke two of his legs.

The OHS veterinarian and clinic staff quickly splinted his broken legs and started Tucker on a course of strong pain medication as they tried to come up with a plan to save the poor puppy. The OHS veterinarian placed Tucker on strict crate rest to help his bones heal.

The excitable puppy received around the clock care to ensure he stayed calm while he was healing. He spent his nights in foster care in the home of an OHS staff member, and his days in the office of an administrative staff member. Tucker travelled around in a stroller and needed sling support to go outside.


On Feb. 28, Tucker was neutered at the OHS clinic and X-rays revealed that his bones were healing. His casts were removed, and support wraps were placed on his legs.

To help him regain muscle strength in his legs, Tucker started swimming lessons, courtesy of our friends at Canine Water Wellness. Learning to swim will help Tucker rebuild the muscle in his legs and increase his range of motion. As you can see from the video below, he was a little hesitant of the water at first, but was very motivated by treats. After just a few sessions, he’s now able to swim on his own! He also enjoys all the extra attention he gets while he’s in the pool!

Tucker can now stand on his own and walk with some support. He’ll have more X-rays done next week. Please stay tuned to our Facebook page or Tucker’s webpage for the next steps in his recovery.

Thanks to you, we’ve been able to give Tucker the life-saving care he’s needed so far, but he still needs your help.

Please Click here to help Tucker heal.

Lacey Thoms
Coordinator: Communications