May 21, 2020

The Canadian Dream

I always listen to CBC when I’m driving. Last week one of the segments was checking in on Canadians across the country amid the pandemic, some famous, and some just regular Canadians. One gentleman — a newcomer to Canada — was a restaurant owner.  He had closed his restaurant, but was continuing to prepare and distribute 300 meals a day to front line workers. During the interview, he said something that moved me at the time and continues to move me: “Understanding that we are all in this together and wanting to help other people is the Canadian dream. That’s why I chose this country.”

In the first weeks and even months of the pandemic, I and everyone at the OHS, have been preoccupied with the safety of our staff and maintaining the Ottawa Humane Society’s ability to care for animals that are in distress. Frankly, it’s been arduous and exhausting because we make plans and with each new announcement, we tear up the plans and make new ones.

More recently, the stability offered by something that resembles a new normal has allowed us to look beyond these twin preoccupations and into our community. Our community is suffering and we want to help.

That’s why three weeks ago, the OHS opened its first ever emergency pet food program to help pets in families struggling to get by during the crisis.  Shortly after, we began shipping pet food to community food banks who did not have access to pet food. If you or anyone you know needs this help, please share the information or reach out to us. Because we are all in this together and wanting to help other people is the Canadian dream.

Bruce Roney
President & CEO

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