April 19, 2018

Sadie Mae Needs a Final Home

I have some sad news to share. Sadie Mae, the loving hound who came into our care suffering from a gunshot wound to her head late last fall, has been diagnosed with an aggressive and serious form of cancer. Sadie Mae has endured months of treatment for her injuries—rebounding against the odds and receiving loving care from the staff at the OHS and her dedicated foster family. Although she has been recovering well from her traumatic head injury, she began exhibiting symptoms not linked to her injuries. Diagnostic testing revealed that she had spleen cancer. While she has had surgery, there is still a very strong likelihood that the cancer will spread.

Now, we are looking for a special adoptive home for Sadie Mae to spend the quality time she has left. She is currently a happy older dog who enjoys her daily cuddles and walks, but she has serious health challenges. Aside from her cancer, Sadie Mae has chronic kidney disease for which she is receiving medication. She has mild heart disease that is not causing her any issues at this time. She has had some seizures, which may require medication. Her long-term prognosis is guarded as her cancer is at high risk of spreading and any of her other conditions may worsen at any time.

Any family interested in providing Sadie Mae with a loving home for her remaining time would need to understand the time and cost associated with meeting her health care needs. She will need to be closely followed by a veterinarian and treated as necessary to ensure that she is provided with good quality of life for whatever remaining time she has.

At the Ottawa Humane Society, we know that all owners will face difficult decisions about their pets at some point, usually well before the level of intervention that Sadie Mae has been able to receive. We understand that what our community has done for Sadie Mae, by supporting her recovery, isn’t possible for most animals. But we also know how invested our community has been in Sadie Mae’s journey and that a special family may be out there, that is able to carry Sadie Mae to the end of her journey.

If you think you are that family, please contact us at 613-725-3166 extension 258. We can discuss with you Sadie Mae’s health conditions and needs in more detail. In the meantime, thanks to you, we are making sure that every day for Sadie Mae is a good one.

If you want to help with Sadie Mae’s treatment and care to date please visit her page.

Bruce Roney
Executive Director