April 12, 2018

A Symbol of Progress for Ottawa’s Animals

I think there is nothing better than when plans come to fruition. Back in 2010 when the detailed planning for the West Hunt Club shelter began, we recognized that the new space would allow us to create programs that simply weren’t possible in our tiny and decrepit existing building. We could dream about what the OHS could do to build a brighter future for Ottawa’s animals, and how we could positively impact our community for years to come. Later, a new strategic plan refined dreams and allowed us to move forward.

And now the OHS is delivering on those dreams.

For me, the visible representation of our dreams for the future coming true is our twice-annual program guide. The very fact that there is so much to tell our community about, and that the OHS even needs a program guide is exciting. Each edition adds at least one or two new initiatives. The current spring and summer guide alone announces our Animal Welfare Club for young people, a Newcomers to Canada program, a revitalized Pet Savvy workshop for low-income pet owners, a pet-friendly business promotion, as well as four new “Behaving Buddies” dog obedience workshops.

These programs, and the ones yet to come will realize the dream I think we all share: a compassionate community, and a brighter future for its animals.

Check out the latest edition of the OHS Program Guide.

Bruce Roney
Executive Director