May 3, 2018

Planning for Your Pet’s Future

It’s a possibility none of us wants to consider: what if we pass away before our pets? What will their lives be like in a future without you?

Most of us consider our pets to be members of our family. After all, they are living, sentient companions who reside in our homes and our hearts, and who are dependent upon us for their own survival. It is imperative to their well-being and our own peace of mind, that we have a plan for our pet’s futures if the unthinkable were to happen: if we weren’t here to care for them.

For many of us, planning for our pet’s futures means talking with friends and family members to find a fitting home and a caretaker who is able and willing to take on the responsibility of having, and loving, our pets. Often, this is arranged formally and included in a will to ensure our wishes will be carried out. Within a will, pet owners can make additional arrangements, such as specific provisions for their pets. It’s important to know what legally can and can’t be done in these situations.

For anyone who doesn’t have an easy solution to this difficult problem, the Ottawa Humane Society’s Pet Stewardship Program may be the right place to turn. This program provides peace of mind by allowing pet owners to entrust their pets to the OHS, ensures that their pets will be placed in a loving home, that veterinary care will be provided for the rest of their pet’s lives, and that their wishes for their pets will be carried out.

If you are interested in learning more about your options for planning for your pet’s future, you are  invited to attend our free Planning for Your Pet’s Future seminar at the Ottawa Humane Society on Tuesday, May 8 from 6 – 8 p.m. This seminar will be co-presented by the OHS and D. Bradley Evans, of Grandmaitre Virgo Evans Law Office. Bring your questions and allow us to help you find peace of mind by understanding your options in including your pets in your Will.

If you have questions, or wish to RSVP for this free event, please contact our manager: legacy giving at 613-725-3166 ext. 268, or e-mail

Andrea Boone
Manager: Legacy Giving