October 20, 2022

Loving Julie

Julie Laporte worked at the Ottawa Humane Society as a veterinary assistant beginning in 2004. She worked until she couldn’t any longer. You see, she became ill. Julie passed away from cancer on the 16th of January, 2013. She was 38. She left a husband and a small daughter behind.

Here at the Ottawa Humane Society, we haven’t forgotten Julie: her smile, her warmth and her devotion to her work and to the animals. She is a symbol of what is good in people. We never want to forget her. So, after she passed away, several of Julie’s friends started organizing an annual event in her honour. They call it Julie’s Light.

OHS staff volunteer their own time one evening in our clinic every year. They get together to sterilize as many animals as possible on that one night. Sometimes, Julie’s family visit us for the event. Like all memorials, it’s sad, but happy at the same time. We’re happy that we knew Julie and sad that she’s no longer with us. Countless animals have been sterilized over the years through this one small event.

If you care about animals, and the people who care for them, please consider a small gift to Julie’s Light to defray the costs of the supplies for the surgeries.

It will help more animals find forever homes faster, and it will mean so much to everyone here who loves Julie and misses her.

Bruce Roney

President & CEO