April 23, 2020

Images of Love: Our Foster Volunteers

I have had the honour of working with volunteers in every job in my career. People who donate their time and their talent are a special breed and the Ottawa Humane Society’s volunteers are among the very best. This week is National Volunteer Week, and though we have had to adapt or postpone the offerings for this year, we are no less grateful for their tremendous contribution.

This year, my gratitude particularly goes out to our foster volunteers, who have opened their homes and their hearts to Ottawa’s animals, allowing the Ottawa Humane Society to maintain space in our shelter for animals in distress.

We asked our foster volunteers to share photos and stories with us and in honour of these wonderful people, I want to share a few with you:

Here is a picture of Max and three-year-old Katarina. Katarina is playing ‘sleeping bunnies‘ with him. A favourite pastime of theirs is when Katarina runs with the cat wand and Max chases. Max loves sitting in the sunny window watching birds and playing with his toys, even at 4 o’clock in the morning! Caroline Greger

Lucy is full of love that I am so grateful to have her as my guest during this stressful time. She is an amazing running partner, so I thank Lucy for keeping me in shape when gyms are closed across the city. Jagdeep Singh

We focus on mature cats like Alfie who deserve a second chance. He’s so affectionate and we enjoy lots of cat cuddles since he likes to be near us all the time. We’ve been fostering since June 2014 and it has been a real joy to help our furry friends find their forever homes. Elizabeth and Adam DiSabato

It has been one of the most rewarding and challenging opportunities I have had. And I’ve met dozens of new furry friends in the process, knowing they will eventually get adopted to their forever homes, and that the OHS is committed to giving them a great standard of care in the meantime. Julie Chabot

Bruce Roney
President & CEO