September 14, 2017

Cats Like Fluffy Have a Place to at the OHS Until They Meet Their Match

When Fluffy arrived at the OHS on Sept. 19, 2016, the leaves outside the shelter were just beginning to turn from green to gold.  As the months ticked by, Fluffy watched as her fellow felines were swept off into their forever homes, leaving her behind to wait for her turn. Nearly a year later, the leaves are about to change colour again and Fluffy is still waiting for that special someone to say, “I choose you Fluffy.”

Why has Fluffy been waiting so long? Perhaps it’s her age — at 11 years old, she’a a senior cat. She’s faced particularly stiff competition these past few months with all of the tiny kittens that fill the shelter in the summer. With kitten season coming to an end, Fluffy hopes this will be the will be the month she finds her purr-fect match.

On Sept. 1 we threw a small party for Fluffy and Blue, who arrived at the OHS 12 days before Fluffy, to boost their spirits mark their one-year anniversary at the shelter. That night, Fluffy watched from behind her kennel door as her neighbour Blue found his happily ever after.

Fluffy isn’t asking for much — a warm lap to curl up on to watch Netflix, someone to brush her beautiful long fur, and to be the only cat in a mature home. She’ll reward you with affectionate head-butts and loud purrs and keep you entertained with her quirky habit of drinking water with her paw.

Cats like Fluffy have a safe, warm place at the OHS for as long as it takes to find their new families. And while Fluffy has loved making friends with all the staff, volunteers and visitors at the shelter, all cats deserve the unconditional love and familiarity of person to call their own.

If Fluffy sounds like a match for you, come meet her at the shelter today. If she’s not the right fit for your home, share her story with your friends and family. This year, Fluffy wants to watch the leaves change colour from the window of her forever home. Are you the one who will make her dream come true?