June 30, 2022

Canada Day: When More Animals Need Us

We’re just a day away from what is — traditionally, at least — our busiest day of the year at the Ottawa Humane Society: Canada Day. Why Canada Day? There are a few reasons: First, Canada Day is a very busy day helping dogs brought into our care. This is mainly because of the many fireworks displays on July 1: the big one on Parliament Hill, and the many smaller ones throughout the City. The thing is, most dogs are terrified of fireworks. Even the best trained, never-wanders dog can bolt in fear during fireworks displays and end up at our shelter. The lucky ones are caught right away or end up safely in our shelter. The unlucky ones may be hit by a car or befall another terrible fate.

Second, late June, early July is our peak season for animals surrendered to us by their owner. As holidays approach, and vacation plans develop, sadly, many decide that their cat or dog doesn’t fit with those plans. The result? Hundreds of pets surrendered to the OHS each June and July. When added to an already busy time with many stray animals requiring our care, we can see as many as 25 pets admitted to our shelter every single day.

You can help make sure that animals are safe, fewer need our care, and those that do, find their way home or into a new loving home. Take the following steps and try to ensure that your friends and neighbours do the same:

1.  Keep pets indoors on Canada Day.

2.  Make sure pets have a visible collar and tag and a permanent microchip implant.

3. Plan for holidays for your pets. Help others care for their pets when away.

4. Ensure all pets are sterilized.

5. Adopt a homeless animal from the OHS.

From all of us at the OHS, have a safe and happy Canada Day!

Bruce Roney

President & CEO