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Cute dog
February 16, 2023 It’s a question that comes up often: what would make someone surrender their pet to the OHS? Surrender... Read More
A portrait of James Ito with maneki-neko (beckoning cat) a Japanese figurine which is believed to bring good luck to the owner.
February 9, 2023 I’ve said it before, but Ottawa is full of generous people who care and give to animals in need. There are... Read More
February 3, 2023 “If we look at the diversity situation today and want to change it, we have to present opportunities to... Read More
Poppy and ACA Kay
January 27, 2023 I’m thrilled to announce that last week, we welcomed a dog from Iqaluit into our care and two more arrived... Read More
Fire fighter with a volunteer dog.
January 21, 2023 At the Ottawa Humane Society, we never know what condition animals will be in when they come into our care,... Read More
January 12, 2023 People often ask how they can help Ottawa’s animals. Volunteering, adopting, donating or even  working... Read More
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