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Ontario needs to do better
May 19, 2022 You may have heard that Quebec recently introduced some progressive changes to its Animal Welfare and Safety... Read More
Sad dog in cage
May 12, 2022 There’s a persistent rumour going around the country that the many thousands of people who acquired pets... Read More
AY Jackson judging a poster
May 5, 2022 Ever heard of National Little Pampered Dog Day? How about International Pooper Scooper Week? There are a lot... Read More
Woman and her dog on the lake
April 28, 2022 Growing up, my only pet was a goldfish named Stanley. It wasn’t until I married that I had my first dog,... Read More
MSNS truck
April 21, 2022 There has been a very welcome sight outside our shelter the past week: our mobile spay/neuter vehicle. In... Read More
Dog sitting on a gravel path
April 14, 2022 This week is National Dog Bite Prevention Week. As a humane education coordinator at the OHS, whether... Read More

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