July 30, 2015

Asking for Those Who Cannot Ask for Themselves

Animals cannot speak, or ask, for themselves.
For years, humane societies and SPCAs across North America, including the Ottawa Humane Society, adopted the slogan, “We speak for those that cannot speak for themselves.” It was—and is— a great tagline. It’s short, memorable, and gets to the heart of at least a big part of what we do. After all, animals can’t be their own advocates. They rely on us, and you, to be their voices, whether it be at a protest march, or in a letter to the editor, or at a city committee.

What we forgot was to add that we also need to ask for those who can’t ask for themselves. On behalf of the animals, we ask you to volunteer your time, we ask you to write those letters, and we ask you for money. Dogs can’t send out mail appeals, cats put on terrible events and rabbits are the worst at corporate fundraising. But rescuing them from abuse and neglect has a cost. Their care has a cost. The animals don’t know it. But you and I do.

A lot of people don’t like asking for money. I understand. If the money was for me, it would be very tough for me too. But it’s not for me, it’s for an abused cat, a dog left in a sweltering car, a raccoon in leg hold trap. It’s for 10,000 animals that need us every year. So I don’t mind asking for those that can’t ask for themselves any more than I mind speaking for them.

So I am asking—for them. Soon, no doubt, the OHS will ask you to once again be the voice for animals in our community. And soon, no doubt, we will be asking you to open your heart and your wallet and make a gift to the animals. Please say yes to both.

Bruce Roney
Executive Director