July 23, 2015

Orphan kittens at the OHS

The Orphan Kitten Program was developed to provide our most vulnerable charges with the extra care and nurturing they need during their stay at the Ottawa Humane Society (OHS) and in one of our specially trained foster homes. 
With the support of dedicated staff and volunteers, our wee felines receive extra care and attention throughout the day. All of the kittens need additional feedings and increased socialization; younger or weaker kittens also need enhanced medical support. 
Once kittens are stable enough at the OHS, they can be moved into foster care, where they receive ongoing care and nurturing. 
The OHS has developed program guidelines that follow best practices in shelter medicine to ensure that we are able to provide as much help to these tiny kittens as we can.
Currently, 70 kittens are benefiting from this life-saving program. 

Sharon Miko
OHS Deputy Director
Three little kittens.
Me first.
Feed me please!
Getting cleaned up.
Having my face washed.
Cuddle time.
How’s the reception?
Pat me more please.
Play time.
I’m gonna get that ball.
Got it!
We are ready for whatever is next!