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OHS staff member holding a black polish chicken.
July 21, 2024 The OHS is sometimes called the cat and dog society — understandable as cats and dogs are the animals we... Read More
OHS Veterinarian working with a cat.
July 12, 2024 Summer is a busy time at the Ottawa Humane Society. Waves of kittens need our help, we receive far more... Read More
July 5, 2024 Maybe not one by itself, but I know that many people raising their voices for the animals can make a... Read More
June 28, 2024 Dogs. Need I say more? Guest blog provided by avid Wiggle Waggler, Stephen Smith. OK, people also bring their... Read More
June 21, 2024 And for good reason! I don’t know about you, but I’m happy for a day of relief after four days of a... Read More
June 14, 2024 At the OHS, we’re currently grappling with a significant setback: we do not have the staff to operate our... Read More
May 17, 2024 In June, Professional Bull Riders (PBR) will trundle into Ottawa, bringing with them cruel exploitation of... Read More
May 10, 2024 I’ve already talked about how much I love plans, so it’ll be no surprise that I am beyond thrilled to... Read More
April 29, 2024 Silence is a killer of animal welfare, and silence is what Ontario introduced last year with Bill 156, the... Read More
April 18, 2024 The past week, the sun has been shining, birds have been singing, people have been walking around in shorts... Read More