March 28, 2024

Exciting New Hop-portunity for Teens

Volunteering: it’s an incredible thing. It means donating your time and energy, towards a greater cause. It’s an integral part of keeping an organization like the OHS going. And for high school students in Ontario, it’s also a requirement for graduation.

We often get calls from eager teens hoping for the chance to earn their volunteer hours at the OHS, helping animals in need. We’re excited to have just launched a new program that will give them that chance – it’s a win-win for the animals in our care and for the youth who are passionate about them.

The new Youth Foster program sees teens care for OHS rabbits in their homes. Last weekend, we sent nine rabbits home with our first group of youth volunteers, after they attended a workshop to learn how to be responsible rabbit caregivers. The group went over feeding requirements, proper handling techniques, daily enrichment and monitoring for medical concerns. It was a fantastic learning opportunity for teens interested in animal care careers or just wanting more experience with animals.

We’re also very proud to be supporting the spirit of volunteerism in our community’s youth – letting them see how they can help change the lives of those in their community as a social responsibility, rather than for personal reward.

Cheerio, pictured here with his new youth foster volunteer, is one of the bunnies who now has a chance to experience life outside the shelter. Cheerio was born in OHS care more than 10 months ago who, just given the sheer volume of rabbits in our care right now, hasn’t been adopted. Spending time in a foster home will give him the chance to relax and get the one-on-one attention he deserves. It will also increase his socialization, so he stands a better chance of being adopted more quickly when he does return. He will also get the chance to give his new teenage friend all the love and companionship he has to offer.

While we’re not accepting new applications just yet, we’re eager to expand this program soon, and in the meantime interested teens can learn more about the program and join a waitlist for the next opening.

We’re thrilled to take this next step in engaging youth to be the responsible pet owners of tomorrow, while also helping us ensure that we will be here for the animals, for generations to come.

President & CEO