March 15, 2024

It Starts at Any Age

This week, we hosted a special “Help the Shelter” March Break Camp for kids. These children come to our camps with a fierce love for animals, so showing them how we can better enrich the lives of our pets has been a rewarding experience for everyone involved! These young, but dedicated campers read stories to our shelter rabbits to support their socialization, helped find families for our animals by designing adoption posters, and crafted frozen treats for our shelter dogs as we head into the warmer months. 

Camps and other programs for kids are cornerstones of our efforts to build the next generation of people who care about animals. These are people who will adopt a pet, volunteer to help homeless animals, get involved in a career of veterinary care, or may even be inspired to join the OHS team.

This week is also packed with a few fun surprises for the kids. We had a guest speaker from the Wild Bird Care Centre lead the kids through owl pellet dissections. A member of our adoption team demonstrated the importance of finding the right matches for animals through a storytelling session and interactive game. And a professional OHS dog trainer joined us with her dog to give an agility demonstration, and had the kids guide the dog to perform some impressive tricks.

Kids are excited about animals and we couldn’t be happier to open this wonderful, caring world to them. A love of animals starts at any age.

Jazzlin Rose Carr
Supervisor: Programs