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Monthly Archives for September 2021

black and white photo of a sad dog looking through a fence.
September 29, 2021 Several years ago, I received an email from a former OHS board member who I hadn’t heard from in years. The... Read More
a brown and beige rabbit sitting on woodchips
September 23, 2021 Every couple of weeks or so, I receive a call from a reporter or producer. Invariably, it’s because they... Read More
Ocra whale laying on pool platform
September 16, 2021 For those following this blog, it will come as no surprise Marineland disturbs me. The OHS, of course, stands... Read More
Three people sitting at a table wearing face masks talking in the adoption centre
September 9, 2021 Yesterday, the Shirley Kearns Memorial Adoption Centre looked like a child’s birthday party. Why? We were... Read More
Service dog pulling a door open for a man in a wheelchair.
September 2, 2021 When you hear “service dog” what do you think of? I imagine a guide dog helping his owner safely navigate... Read More