November 16, 2018

You saved a pet, but they are saving you too

If you are reading this, likely you have a pet that you love. If you adopted from the OHS or another animal welfare organization, you saved also that animal’s life. But we don’t always think about the ways that our pets save us too. Among the countless rewards, there are many health benefits associated with having a pet.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control lists these:

  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Decreased cholesterol levels
  • Decreased triglyceride levels
  • Decreased feelings of loneliness
  • Increased opportunities for exercise and outdoor activities
  • Increased opportunities for socialization

One of the best days to get exercise with your dog is the OHS Wiggle Waggle Walk and Run in September.

A friend of mine adopted a dog from the OHS years ago. Thanks to his new daily walks with his OHS pup, he promptly lost 20 pounds and met the woman who he’s now sharing his life with.

So, the next time you are feeling good about adopting and saving a life—and you should feel good about that—give a little thought to how your best friend is saving yours.

Bruce Roney

President and CEO