July 27, 2017

Wiggle Waggle Walk & Run Team Showcase: BGIS Barkers


Halle, the Wiggle Waggle Walk & Run spokesdog, interviews Shelley Leblanc, second-time team captain of the BGIS Barkers, about why she participates in the event. The BGIS Barkers are a team of nine from Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions, providing consulting, management and delivery services in real estate.

Halle: So Shelley, can you tell me why the BGIS Barkers choose to participate in the Walk/Run?

Shelley: We do it for the love of animals. They bring such joy to our lives that we want to share that with others. If the money we raise allows even one pet to join its forever home, we have been successful.

Halle: What are the BGIS Barkers doing to recruit people to join your Walk/Run team?

Shelley:  At Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions, we issue a monthly newsletter that talks about what events we are supporting, as well as our accomplishments in fundraising. For the Wiggle Waggle, we talk about how much fun we had last year showing off our pets and how the animals are treated like kings and queens for the day.

Halle: How have the BGIS Barkers been so successful in raising funds for the Walk/Run? Do you have any tips to share with other teams?

Shelley: To raise money for the Wiggle Waggle we hold 50/50 draws on Fridays. We also had a super successful bake sale and have plans for a hot dog sale in August. We are trying really hard to finish in second place again this year. Although we would love to come first in, it is a difficult task to compete against the amazing Mooselake Labs team that has won the past few years. They do an incredible job raising funds for the animals, so we would be very happy to come in second place.

BGIS Barkers at the 2016 Wiggle Waggle Walk and Run

Halle: What is your team’s favourite part of the event?

Shelley: Seeing how proud the owners are of their pets. They love to show them off and so they should.

Halle: What would you say to someone who is considering participating in the event?

Shelley: Do it, don’t hesitate! It’s for a great cause and as a bonus, you get to meet more so many different breeds of dogs, more than you can even imagine. There are even few cats and rabbits that make it out too!

To sign up for the Wiggle Waggle Walk & Run, please visit www.ottawahumane.ca/walkrun.