August 11, 2016

Why IS summer so busy at the OHS shelter?


Naomi (A189212) is just one of the many cats at the OHS looking for a new home this summer.

It will come as no surprise that the busiest months at the OHS shelter are July and August. One of the reasons may surprise you though. Here are our Top 3:

  1. Animals and people are both outside more, leading to more stray animals.
  2. Many animals, especially cats, give birth throughout the spring and many are brought to us eight weeks or so later.  
  3. Early summer is the beginning of summer holiday season, and many people surrender their pet before going on holidays. I know that the third reason will shock a lot of people. You likely are very bonded to your pet and would not dream of surrendering her to a shelter because she doesn’t fit with your holiday plans. But many, many people do.

You know what may shock you more? I am mostly ok with that. I say “mostly” because I believe that being a pet owner is a serious commitment. But I also believe that, if all else fails, bringing your pet to a shelter is a responsible choice. Too many pets are simply abandoned when not convenient, dumped somewhere alone and left to their own devices. And that is much, much worse than surrendering him to a trustworthy shelter.

Bruce Roney
Executive Director