August 13, 2015

What are you doing for National Homeless Animals Day?

Think of Ottawa’s homeless animals on
National Homeless Animals Day
I have always believed in the Ottawa Humane Society as a force for good. Not just for the homeless animals in our care on a given day, but in helping to create a more compassionate community. I am grateful to work here. But I have never been as grateful personally for the OHS, its work, and everyone who makes it possible, as I am now. 
So, what are you doing for National Homeless Animals Day? Okay, I get it—probably not a lot. It’s not like its Thanksgiving or anything. Even working at the OHS, I generally didn’t think about it that much. This year is a bit different for me. After quite a few years of being pet-less—a conscious choice resulting from a busy schedule and a minor allergy to cats—I now have a pet again. Living with Gracie has made some subtle changes to my view of homeless animals: their face has changed from the many thousands to the one. She is the poster-cat for homeless animals now in my life and in my mind.
When I look at Gracie, I am grateful for her and for the second chance that our donors, our staff and our volunteers gave her. On bad days, I imagine what might have happened to her without the OHS, or worse, imagine someone hurting her the way so many animals we see are hurt. 
So, I am grateful to the OHS and everyone who helps Ottawa’s animals and protects them from hurt. And in your honour, and in gratitude for Gracie, I am going to celebrate National Homeless Animals Day with a donation to the OHS to give homeless animals a reason to celebrate too.
Maybe you want to celebrate? How about joining me in a gift to homeless animals in honour of everyone who helps them and the animals that have changed your life like Gracie changed mine?
Bruce Roney
Executive Director