October 11, 2018

Transfers and other Life Saving Blessings


Two weeks ago, the OHS took in seven dogs and two puppies from our partners in Canada’s North. We were delighted to do our part and take in these canines from Northern Quebec, as the situation for dogs in most parts of the North range from bleak to gruesome. There is almost no access to veterinary care in Northern communities. In some, the dog numbers are out-of-control and the primary means of population control, is “doggone days” where all the stray dogs in a community are rounded up and shot.

For many years, the OHS partnered with a group in Iqaluit, and received regular transfers of dogs flown to Ottawa courtesy of Canadian North Airlines. Close to a decade ago, our Northern partner failed and with no viable partner on the other end, the program was disbanded.

Today, we are working to resurrect the program. And once we work out some of the kinks, we expect to be saving more Northern dogs soon.

We choose the North because of the dire circumstances of the dog population there, and we think it’s important to help our fellow Canadians. Also, for a variety of reasons, transporting dogs from the far South is not a great idea.

We have many blessings living in Ottawa. Among the very best is our willingness and ability to help others who desperately need us.

Bruce Roney

President and CEO