December 14, 2023

They Made Him Eat Cat Food?! Celebrity Cat Tells All

The Maestro of Meows, the Four-Legged Heartbreaker, the Ookie-Bookie Smoosh, Ottawa’s most famous cat, the Legendary Link, is on a one-of-a-kind debut/farewell tour at the Ottawa Humane Society.

This star-studded cat has been mastering his craft in a loving foster home for the past nine months. Now, he’s taking the humane society’s adoption centre by storm in a four-day tour where one adoring fan will be lucky enough to bring him home. 

The OHS Enquirer managed to catch Link backstage for an exclusive interview and find out what makes this cat’s whiskers twitch.

OHS EN: CQ voted you most loveable cat of 2023. What do you owe your popularity to?

Link: Definitely staying humble, true to my core, and doing that thing where someone sticks out their hand and I ram my head full force into their palm.

OHS EN: We see you don’t like to live with other cats. Let’s dig into that.

Link: I’ve been described as a love sponge. I soak it all up, and I’m unapologetic about it. I do everything big and want to take up all the space in a person’s heart. Truly don’t have anything personal against other cats, but my people are my people. Know what I’m saying?

OHS EN: It’s the first day of the tour, what’s the reaction like so far?

Link: It’s been a real blessing to connect with the fans. Never imagined my work would touch so many people. Honestly feels like a dream.

OHS EN: Do you think this is the weekend you find the one?

Link: I’ve met already met a lot of people who I think could be a great fit. I can’t wait to meet even more and finally make that connection of a lifetime.

The last day of Link’s tour is Sunday, Dec. 17. By the end, he’s hoping to be in the arms and home of his biggest fan.

Could it be you?

Find out more about this celebrity cat, visit him at the OHS or call 613-725-3166 ext. 258 for more details.

Clawde Furris

OHS Enquirer, Chief Editor