December 1, 2017

The Return of Jingle

Once again for the month of December Jingle, our own special Elf on the Shelf, is visiting. He is going to show you the Ottawa Humane Society and our work at this still-busy time of the year.

Jingle, the OHS Elf on the Shelf

Of course, Jingle’s main job is to watch to see who is naughty and who is nice, but here at the humane society, he mostly sees nice people like you who help the animals every day. We all hope by Christmas, we will see Jingle waving goodbye to all the animals finding their forever homes.

This year, Jingle is helping animals like Cindy Lou Who, a four-week-old kitten who was found on the cold streets. Dirty, scared, and hungry, Cindy Lou Who is getting the help she needs to have her second chance. She is one of 664 animals in the care of the OHS right now. Click here to read more about Cindy Lou Who and find out how you can help animals like her this winter.

Cindy Lou Who

Visit the Ottawa Humane Society’s Facebook page every day till Christmas Eve to see what Jingle is up to. We hope you like Jingle’s little adventures as much as we like accompanying him on them.

Bruce Roney
Executive Director