January 28, 2021

The Dark Side of that Puppy You Just Bought: Part Two

Earlier in the month, I wrote about the increased demand for pets during the health crisis and concerns that the demand is fueling international importation, largely unenforced by government, and is leading to the death and suffering of animals during transport or in their country of origin.   

International importation is just one aspect of this issue. There are plenty of people in Canada happy to make money off of overbreeding dogs in nasty conditions. Moreover, we are hearing stories of people putting hundreds of dollars down for a puppy they saw online that doesn’t even exist. The huge demand also creates an opportunity for people saddled with a poorly bred pet to recoup some of the thousands they paid and dodge the first big vet bill by selling her to you.

Caveat Emptor: buyer beware is the hallmark of protecting yourself. I can certainly understand the desire to have furry friend in your life, especially now if you are ready, but your desire for a companion right away can lead to more and more suffering — of animals and to yourself.

If you are contemplating a pet, please visit the How to Find Your New Best Friend Responsibly section of the OHS website for information about what to consider and questions to ask. Whether you are considering purchasing from a breeder or are considering a pet advertised online, the advice may save you heartbreak and a lot of money down the road.

Please don’t let yourself be taken in. Please don’t contribute to the suffering and death of animals. Please do your homework.

Bruce Roney
President & CEO