December 6, 2018

Starting a New Relationship this Christmas

Once again this year, the OHS will be launching our Holiday Delivery Program. Parents can select and pre-adopt a pet for their family, and OHS elves will deliver her on Christmas morning or during Hanukkah.  It’s a fun thing. It’s a nice thing. It is amazing to see the faces of the children when one of our volunteers shows up with a furry bundle.  And most importantly, more animals find forever homes.

Every year, though, we get complaints on Facebook and elsewhere. Many who haven’t read the fine print don’t recognize that this is an adoption just like any other. All the work of matching has gone on before. All the safeguards are in place. All of the discussions about the animal’s needs has occurred. It’s just that the cat or dog arrives during the holidays.

The OHS does not support pets as gifts, except parents who adopt for the whole family. We know that pets are for life, not for Christmas. Heck, the humane movement made up that slogan. But with the usual seasonal precautions, the time off afforded during the holidays may actually be a very good time to bring a pet into the family.

You and I know that a pet is a lifetime relationship. And sometimes relationships begin at Christmas.

Bruce Roney

President and CEO