November 9, 2016

Our Values will Prevail

The Ottawa Humane Society is an organization founded on compassion.

So I, like many of you, was shaken by the results of Tuesday’s election. I am left with the feeling there is something I should do.

So here it is. I will renew my personal commitment and the commitment of the OHS to the values we have lived and promoted for more than a century:

  • Protection for the weak
  • Respect for the dignity of all life
  • Care for those who are unable to care for themselves
  • A voice for those who cannot speak for themselves
  • Relief from pain and suffering
  • A respect for the environment that all creatures share
  • An abhorrence of cruelty
  • Building compassion through education

I hope that you will join all of us at the OHS in keeping these values in our hearts and actions over the period ahead.

Bruce Roney
Executive Director