December 8, 2016

Our New Holiday Tradition: Meet Jingle

Jingle the Christmas Elf

Jingle the Christmas Elf.

Among the best parts about Christmas — and most holidays — are our traditions and the memories that come with them. As you open the worn boxes containing the decorations, your mind tends to wander back to memories of earlier days. Just the smells of turkey and holiday baking can take you back 30 years in a moment. It’s comforting to remember and to follow the well trod path of our holiday rituals. And as you grow up, most of you retain at least some traditions from your childhood, and adopt new ones in your own family.

Well, after 128 years, I think the Ottawa Humane Society is all grown up. And so we decided to add a new tradition in our family: Jingle the Christmas Elf. We adopted Jingle to show all you good girls and boys out there what’s going on at the OHS over the holidays.

Jingle is a curious little guy and he gets around the OHS a lot this time of the year. I hope you will join us in our new holiday tradition and have as much fun following Jingle’s little adventures on Facebook over the holidays as we do.

Bruce Roney
Executive Director