March 31, 2016

Matching Seniors and Older Felines, and Saving Lives

Bitty kitties tend to get scooped up pretty quickly, but the Ottawa Humane Society recently introduced a new way to save more lives of their oft-overlooked older feline friends. 

In just two short months since its launch, the OHS’s new Cats for Seniors program has found homes for seven older felines in need. The program matches cats aged five plus with senior adopters aged 60 plus to help find homes for cats faster while giving their new human caretakers the companionship of a furry friend. OHS staff actively seek matches for cats in need with seniors who join the program, at half the usual adoption fee. 

Older cats tend to be in the shelter much longer than their junior counterparts, and the longer these cats stay in the shelter and not in a forever home, the greater their stress and risk of getting sick. The Cats for Seniors program gets them out of the shelter faster and into loving homes where they belong. It’s a wonderful happily-ever-after for everyone involved!

The Cats for Seniors program is just one way that the OHS is doing more to help the animals and our community: nothing compares to the love and companionship of an animal. And for an animal, there’s nothing like a loving forever home.

Sharon Miko
OHS Deputy Director